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Breed All About It - Borzoi

Breed All About It - Borzoi

The Borzoi is one of the oldest and purest breeds of the ancient Russian wolfhound. Explore its unique characteristics and discover why the dog was...

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Do You want a Borzoi dog ?

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ボルゾイ合唱 Borzoi Chorus


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Lucy the Borzoi wins the Hound Group | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW (2018)| FOX SPORTS

Watch Lucy the Borzoi win the 2018 Hound Group SUBSCRIBE to get the latest FOX Sports content: https://www.youtube.com/foxsports?sub_confirmation=1 ▻Watch the latest popular FOX Sports...

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Borzoi - The Fastest Dog -TDS

Follow The Dog Show online: ➤Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/the_dog_show_/ ➤Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/The-Dog-Show-192890397834404/ ➤Twitter : https://twitter.com/TheDogShow1...

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Borzoi dog taking a bath by himself

Borzoi dog taking a bath by himself.

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Borzoi playing

Pablo again playing in the grass... He loves it. Enjoy! #animalplanet #borzoi.

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Borzoi - Top 10 Interesting Facts

Borzoi dog breed was developed in Russia as coursing and hunting dogs. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about Borzoi. 2 DOLLARS CAN CHANGE DOG LIVES: https://patreon.com/rocadog SUBSCRIBE...

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Snow and a borzoi and happy time


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Call of the Wild Borzoi

What they have learned from the coyotes...

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Borzoi - AKC Dog Breed Series

Learn more about Borzoi http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/borzoi/

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Borzoi - day two at new home

Angry on camera. Rein Borzoi is just 2 months old shows his cuteness and fun attitude.

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Borzoi Hound Kill 1910

Russian wolfhounds in action - from a 1910 Pathe Freres film.

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Borzoi goes crazy playing


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Meet the Borzoi


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Borzoi and Cheetah are BFFs

http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2010/11/interspecies-adventures-the-borzoicheetah-playdate/ Is it unnatural to watch a Borzoi and Cheetah mixing it up in a wrestling match? Sure! Is it beautiful...

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ボルゾイ コーラス Borzoi Chorus by trio


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Borzoi Westminster dog show 2017 a


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Borzoi dog loves to swim

Borzoi dog swimming in the river.

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Tetris the borzoi

Tetris and I are practicing for the next world championships. \

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A choir of smol awoos! - borzoi puppies howling

I'm visiting borzoi puppies for a couple days and they only recently leveled up to unlock the hearing ability. Now that they can hear their lovely singing voices, it's all they want to do!

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RACE THE WIND 26 - Greyhound Track (Lorch/Germany) • Afghan Borzoi Agar Sloughi Saluki Galgo

RACE THE WIND 26 # Greyhound Track (Lorch / Germany) Sighthound Lurcher Longdog Windhund-Rennverein Staufen e.V. Lorch http://www.wrv-staufen.de/ueberuns.html http://www.wrv-staufen.de RACE...

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Borzoi Club of Northern California 2016 Specialty

72 borzoi! A lovely dog show ❤️

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Borzoi Meets Corgi Puppy

Nikolai, the Borzoi, getting along quite well with his brother Merlot, the Corgi aka Potato! Rufshod is up on the couch, being antisocial with his pig ear.

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Crufts 2017 | Best of Breed winner Alma Abrahams and borzoi Sunny

Best of Breed winner Alma Abrahams and borzoi Sunny. Catch all the action from Crufts 2017 by following the live stream at youtube.com/crufts.

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Borzoi Euro dog show 2017 in Kiev Ukraine

Borzoi Euro dog show 2017 in Kiev Ukraine.

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Sighthound Play Date at the Secret Garden - Borzoi and Silken Windhounds

Bandit, Glory, Bogie, Bacchus, Falcor, Helios, Pryss, Mike, and Ravi! 3 Borzois and 5 Silken Windhounds.

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Borzoi in World dog show 2017

Borzoi in World dog show 2017.

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Borzoi-How Smart Are They

Borzoi & Border Collies doing a few fun tricks.

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Borzoi at the Dinner Table

Every dog has their own way of getting those table scraps!

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Borzoi how cute he is funny video

The Borzoi is a sweet, intelligent dog. It is proud and is extremely loyal to its family. It is quite affectionate with people it knows well. They can be trained in obedience, but it should...

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The Borzoi - What to Know Before You Adopt One

People often adopt a dog whose breed they know little if anything about. Instead of choosing their own canine, some take on a dog just because it needs a home. Many of these folks assume that...

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Borzoi & Kitten playing

4 week kitten and 5 month borzoi puppy.

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Borzoi Pups - First Time Outside!


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Borzoi Puppies Like Harmonica

Sedona Borzoi puppies from the Russian Legends litter enjoying the harmonica!

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